Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Rani. She had a cat as her pet named Kitty. She loves it very much. Kitty is very much fond of fish.So , Rani gives Kitty a fish daily. She takes care of her pet carefully. It was Rani's birthday. She had took kitty with her to the nearby temple.Rani started closing her eyes to pray god. when she opened her eyes, she saw Kitty vanished.She got panic and started to search all over the temple.No result.She searched in her house,in her street, all around the play ground.She sat down crying.Rani's father was a farmer. He owns a farm with couple of cows. She went there crying to say this to her father. She stood astonished when she saw her lovely pet KITTY . Then her father said to Rani that Kitty came to farm to bring cow's milk for Rani as she fond of it.Rani hugged Kitty and kissed it.  Rani was made very happy by her cat as it thought to give her a birthday gift.
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