Well yes now a days the teenagers are misunderstood a lot. There are many reasons for the teenagers for being misunderstood. A lot of time the teenagers are give that right of freedom and normal free being rights and the other rights like being with friends and going out and being. When the teenagers are given all these rights there are some people fell like that the teenagers should not be given that much rights and they would only use them for the no right purpose but just for the wrong ones. This is the normal talk when ever some elderly one comes to a notice that some teenager is given a lot of freedom and rights to live their live on their own way.
        One such incident where the teenagers are misunderstood

It was late night when a teen boy was returning home after viewing a movie together with all his friends. Then suddenly it started raining hard and I didn't even take a name of stopping so that this boy can return home safely. But no the rain was not taking the name of stopping till then yet also. The boy then decided to go to his friend's home and stay there till the rain would stop and he could reach the home safely. So he stayed there at his friend's home and then he went to his home next day morning . There his parents were too much angry and they misunderstood him too much on him because he didn't inform them that he was at his friend's home. This boy's parents thought that he was roaming on the road for the freedom they gave to him and even the parents thought that this boy had done something wrong. Therefore this boy was ill treated for being a teenager and not coming home.
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