I copied homework from my friend.when our mam had to check the homework, my friend was on leave and i had to get his homework checked. when checked our homework, she came to know that either of us had copied.when she asked me, i told her that i had done the homework myself and my friend had copied. she gave him the punishment of repeating the work 20 times. now i don't have the courage to tell him the truth. please help me.



Apologize and say the truth to your teacher.....
say that you did not mean to commite it,but because of the fear what would happen next,you said a lie inorder to escape.
now,your friend is getting punishment,because of you and you dont want your friend to get the punishment.......say that you'll complete the punishment instead........
apologize to your frien and say that youll never repeat that again.
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Well you should tell him when he is in a nice mood. and say sorry from all your heart. and tell him that you were stunned when the teacher asked who copied so you told a lie. you can give him something for his birthday.