Villages lack in facilities where as cities do not have this problem.
Villages have fresh air and greenery while cities may not have greenery or fresh air.
Villages have simple houses made from mud whereas cities have houses made of bricks and concrete.
Villages have farming as the main occupation whereas cities have many types of jobs.
Transportation is difficult in villages whereas it is easy in cities.
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1 gau shehro ka chota vesh hota hei ..... shehr bada hota hei
2 gau fashion mein peeche hote hei or mante bhi nahi  shehro mein alag sochne  vale log hote hei
3 gau pradushik nahi or shehro mein bahut pradushun rehta hein
4 gau mein chote ghar hote hein or shehro mein bahot bade imarate hoti hei
5 gau mein simit log buste hien or shehro mein buhot log vasit hei