If you using Notepad or Wordpad then First edit or do the coding and then save it as the " .htm or html " extension after the name.
If you are using Microsoft Word then edit the file as you like or like simply(No coding of HTML) and to save the file rename or give name to it and then click on the options of "Save as type:" the select the webpage option and save the file.
Go to Start, then "Programs" then "Accessories"  and Click "Notepad" It is a lot easier if you use Notepad++ (you can download it for free on the internet).Type <html> it is the the first tag you write that tells the computer you're starting a web-page. It will also be closed last</html>,This ends the web page.In head and body section you can type anything.

Go to "save as", put a filename with an .html extension like "file.html" and choose "all files" or "text" under file type. It won't work if both are not done. Go find the page wherever you saved it, double click it, and your default web browser should open up your very own web-page.
 // NOTE: 
To make an HTML file, you can use your favorite text editor, such as emacs or vi, to create your file; if you are using a personal computer, you can use any word processor.

You just have to make sure to save the file as ASCII or text and to name the file with a .html extension (for example, 
file.html). Some older systems may require .htm as the extension. //
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