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Every year, since year 1995, April 23rd is celebrated as World Book and Copyright Day. The event is also known as International Day of the Book. It is organized by UNESCO to promote literature and activities like reading, publishing and copyrighting. UNESCO specifically chose this date to celebrate literature because April 23rd also marks the death anniversary of great authors like William Shakespeare, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega and Miguel de Cervantes. On this day, several activities and events are planned in order to encourage the interaction of people with books, to promote reading and make them realize the value of the humongous literary wealth that is at our disposal. The World Book and Copyright Day is also a means to revisit and commemorate great authors and poets who have created masterpieces for the mankind.

There are a number of activities planned to encourage reading for pleasure. Book fairs are organized, book marks are distributed to create awareness about this day, the relay reading of plays and books is held at many places and various literary competition are held. There is special attention paid to make people understand and aware of the laws related to copyrighting and publishing. Many poster making competitions are also organized in order to create the interest of young children in this event and to appreciate literature.

The World Book Day aims to inspire people especially young children to read books, to support literacy and to pay our respect to the great authors who have significantly contributed in the field of literature. It also intends to support books and those who produce them. This April 23rd, all of us should join hands in order to appreciate books and the knowledge they have instore for us. Let us promise to use this opportunity to share ideas, increase our knowledge and widen our perspective.

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