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                          Dr.B.R. Ambedkar and India’s Freedom Struggle

Dr. Ambedkar's legacy as a socio-political reformer had a deep effect on modern India. He believed that India was liberated by the British rule, but not from the problems that existed in India.  In 1927, Ambedkar had decided to launch active movements against untouchability. He began with public movements and marches to open up public drinking water resources. He also began a struggle for the right to enter Hindu temples.

He led a Satyagraha in Mahad to fight for the right of the untouchable community to draw water from the main water tank of the town. In 1930, Ambedkar launched Kalaram temple movement, about 15,000 volunteers assembled at Kalaram temple Satygraha by making it as one of the greatest processions of Nasik. One of the chief tasks that pre-dated the struggle was to unite the Indians, who were divided in every possible way like caste, class, community, religion. Though some movements were initiated by others, the complete unification of the backward classes to the struggle was achieved by Ambedkar. He was able to imbibe the modern western ideas like Rule of Law, Equality before law onto the Indian classes.