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April 22nd is celebrated as the World Earth Day to demonstrate support for the protection of the environment and to raise public awareness about pollution.  Since 1970, more than 190 countries celebrate it every year. This year, signing of Paris agreement adds more significance to the importance of World Earth Day. About 120 countries including US and China will sign this treaty and will pledge to bring forth laws that will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The World Earth Day  is celebrated worldwide to create awareness about the ever increasing global warning, to inform public about the catastrophic affects it has on our daily lives and to educate everyone about methods to prevent and repair the damage that has been done till date. Various burning issues related to climate change, constantly increasing sea level, depletion of ozone layer and ruthless deforestation are talked about in public on this day.

There is no one way to celebrate this day. Every individual can contribute in his or her own way to make this day a success. On this day, some volunteers go to a nearby land to plant trees for a greener planet while some volunteers decide to clean neighboring trail or river. A number of artists join hands and try to create public awareness by making posters, through origami projects or through their paintings. Marathons are organized, people participate in candle light march and many Earth day programs are arranged by the local bodies. We must join hands to celebrate the World Earth Day on April 22nd in whatever way we can. Even a small gesture like switching off the lights of our house for one hour makes a big difference. It is our home, our Earth and it is our responsibility to repair the damage that we have caused.

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