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World Heritage Day or International Day of monument and sites is celebrated globally every year on April 18th. The aim of this day is to encourage the local authorities as well as the public to respect and realize the importance of the cultural heritage and to take steps to protect and conserve it. As the name suggests, this day is dedicated to raise awareness about the importance of culture and the historical monuments in our daily lives ad our society.

On this day, local as well as regional authorities plan up various activities like exhibitions, poster making competitions, photography competitions, press releases etc.  Excursions to local monuments and heritage sites are encouraged, volunteers try to raise money so that the dilapidated sites can be restored and the weathering monuments can be repaired. Articles about the significance of this days or giving information about the local monuments are published in the newspapers and magazines to raise the interest of people.

At many places, foreign as well as local experts are invited and press conferences are held so as to advertise the importance and history of the local monuments.  Award ceremonies are held to commemorate those who have contributed to the conservation of cultural heritage. Meeting, symposiums and extempore competitions are held to involve as many people as possible and to create public awareness. This year, all of us should also try to participate in the celebration of World Heritage Day. We can make posters and hand it in our schools or community centers to create awareness or sit with our friends and talk about the local as well as the national monuments and the importance of cultural heritage. We can also plan up a trip to local monuments and try to learn more about the role they played in our history, their importance and their influence in the growth of our society.

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