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                                        WORLD HEALTH DAY

On April 7th 1948, a specialized agency of United Nation concerned with international public health was established in Geneva, Switzerland. Today this agency is widely known as the World Health Organization (WHO).  Since 1950, to mark its foundation day and to create global health awareness, every year April 7th is celebrated as the World Health Day under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO). On this day, events and activities are organized on international, national, regional as well as local levels to make the public aware of various global health issues. The theme for this year is: ‘Beat Diabetes’.

This year the WHO is targeting a non-communicable disease - diabetes and aims to create awareness amongst the people about its cause, symptoms and how to prevent it. According to the WHO website, in 2012, diabetes was the cause of death of about 1.5 million. With more than 350 million people in the world suffering from diabetes, it is indeed a burning issue today. WHO aims to control, manage and prevent the deaths caused by diabetes every year by providing better health care, creating awareness and by encouraging people to adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent the onset of diabetes. The WHO aims to beat the diabetes by scaling up the prevention methods, strengthening the care given to the patients and enhancing surveillance. Various activities on the World Health Day in 2016 will focus on encouraging physical activities like exercise or walking and educating people about the importance of a healthy diet. Many posters are designed to encourage the public to stay active and help curb the spread of diabetes.

It is evident that the World Health Day is an important event and each one of us should contribute to make it a success on global level. We must ensure that our family, friends and neighbors are aware of the symptoms and preventive methods of diabetes. We need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and encourage others to do the same. By taking care of the heath improvement of our surroundings, we can contribute towards the global health improvement. We need to spread the importance of World Health Day and join hands with everyone to fight diabetes for a better world.       

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