My dear Kailash,

I cannot tell you how glad I was to get your long and charming letter. I have read it through several times with pleasure.

Kailash dear, owing to some unforeseen circumstances, I just could not write to you earlier than this. Hope you'll kindly excuse me.

Truly, Kailash, my happiness knew no bounds over a simple but revealing sentence in your letter- "I am coming down to India to settle there." Oh! in fact it would be a joy for me as well as for you.

You were born and brought up in Tanzania. You have perhaps no idea what this beautiful land of mine is like. Shall I tell you? Well, I won't because even the very best of my effort to describe India will fall short of the actual reality. So you come here at the earliest and be overwhelmed by the beauty of my country India.

Please do remember me to your Mummy, Daddy and all the other members of the family. Do come down soon, Kailash. With best wishes and warmest regards, I am,

Yours very sincerely,