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                        How can science be made interesting

Science is a subject that helps us to solve the mysteries of the universe, find out more about the hidden treasures of the earth, discover what is waiting for us beyond space and understand the working of the tiniest unit in our body. If you are caught up in any question, there are high chances that science has a befitting answer for you. But if we talk about the school curriculum, science is a night-mare for many. Learning chemical formula or the laws of physics are not always alluring for every student. Not every student is happy while trying to correctly label all the parts in a human cell or when trying to balance a chemical equation. 

The monotone of the teacher, the uninteresting conventional ways of teaching and the race to score maximum marks without learning are few of the many reasons that have made science a difficult and boring subject. Science is indeed a very interesting subject that has answer instore for every question that takes birth in the curious little minds. If teachers and parents together make a small effort, they can make science a fun subject to learn.

The scientific concepts should be clearly explained. The students should attempt to understand the concept instead of just cramming the words to get marks. If biological specimens can be shown when the students are being taught about them, their interest will surely be piqued. By taking theoretical lessons and practical sessions hand in hand, the subject can be made more interesting and easier to understand. Fun activities like science fair, mathematics quiz or model making competitions will attract the attention of students towards science and they will want to learn more. It’s not that the subject is boring, but the way it is taught in school is inadequate to generate the interest of students.

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Hey ! Wanna say something... The question is essay on how to make school science INTERESTING, whereas you have answered 'How boring is school science ' xD Alright, did u underatnd the difference and what i meant to say, bcuz it would an introduction for the essay asked not the main content... It written nicely but not corresponding to the Q.