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ASL means assement of speaking and listening skills 
in this test u will be checked how good you are at listening and speaking
listening skills:this will be conducted in your class room by your teacher in this test you will be given a test paper and then a recording will be played you should here the recording and then you should write the answers for the questions respectively.
speaking skills:in this test you should choose atopic from the topics given by your teacher and then you should prepare the speech for the given time and you should present it to your teacher if insisted to the whole class and then teacher will ask you some questions on the topic you spoke about and you have to answer them orally and nextly the discussion between you and your partner this would be done if the problem is assigned to you and your partner by your teacher then you should prepare the discussion for it and talk about it wit your partner on spot and you should tell a conclusion for it .
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i have to say thanx for understanding my answer and marking it the brainliest
sofia can u give me one example of asl on any topic plz help yar
well the speech which you have to give on a topic maybe like adventure,hobbies and interests,science and invention etc.........
these are just general
and about the problem solving there may be problems like noy switchig off the fan and scribbling on the walls
In asl,you have to make a you and your friend.then prepare for particular topic .you both should prepare on different topic.the school will provide you some value based question or you can download it from On asl day,say on that topic for 3-4 min.and your partner will also say on  his/her topic.

First,teacher will ask what is your name?you will answer.
your partener will also answer the same question.

Secondly,you will say the topic name.
start about that.

your friend will ask you a question related to that topic.
then,teacher will also ask a question related to that topic.

then your friend will do the same thing.

Then the teacher will ask you value based question/situation based,at that time you both have to discuss about that,and then answer i two parts[1st you will answer,then your friend will answer 2 nd part.

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do u understand how to do asl.
i don't find it clear