speech on adult education

Lack of proper education in the Indian society (especially adult education) is the reason of almost all the social evils in our country. People have been habitual to remain illiterate and spend their whole day just in earning two times meals at low cost and hard work. They only know that life is that’s all, however never know that being illiterate is like a sin especially when they get chance to study but deny. Illiteracy is the root of all causes hindering the progress of the country.

Knowledge brings everyone in the light whereas illiteracy takes people towards darkness. People’s ignorance towards education and their illiteracy level become the reason of their all sufferings. It is very necessary for the adults of the country to be educated in order to make the future of country as well as their next generations. They could not be educated earlier in the lack of sources for education however now they have golden opportunity of educational resources so they must study. Adult illiteracy in the society has been a serious threat one. Because of illiteracy they easily get involved in the bad works to earn money for their living. There is need to understand the strength of problem and attract adult people towards education by offering them job and food.

There are many ways to attract them towards learning and enable them to make better career. They should be given facility of part time education, vocational education, modern libraries in villages having collection of educational and informative books, etc.