Being such a large and diverse country, India faces many indigenous problems too. With more population density, the problem of poverty is increasing exponentially. This one problem is the mother of many vices like corruption, lack of opportunities, dearth of food and underdevelopment of many areas. Being a secular country which accepts all religions and treats them as one, India is currently facing a lot of stress because of the want of each religion to prove itself superior to the rest. It is necessary for us, Indians, to uproot these vices from its very root so that we all together can take India from a developing nation to a developed one. Only when the internal strain in the country is released, it can think of a holistic progress in the world.
India has the resources, intellect and capability to be a world leader. It is bestowed with fertile soil and numerous perennial rivers which facilitate the growth of numerous crops. India is one of the leading producers of cotton. By utilizing its indigenously produced raw material and abundantly available labor, it can become the leading exporter of cotton cloth and textile industry. By developing the tourist places like the cities in the lap of the Himalayas or the backwaters of Kerala, India will be able to boost tourism industry and bring in foreign currency. There are many historical sites in India but they are not well maintained and not commercially advertised. If due attention is given to such places, India can definitely attract more tourists from all around the world. With the increase in the inflow of foreign currency, India will become economically stable; and with economic stability comes the development and progress of a nation.