This beautifully scripted poem, which could make its verses prevail in the readers' minds has a very intense and deep comprehension. This poem basically revolves around the concept of 'oxymoron'. It brings out the qualities of different materialistic things and talks about their alternation, i.e. the world would have been better that ever, had there been a change in the working of these things, like- if a gun could grow a flower. This line evokes the feeling of love and humility. Just try to speculate and imagine a gun, which is as cruel as a witch could even ever evolve something as beautiful as a delicate flower? Again, if mice could roar like a lion means that even the most timid creature like a mouse could be bold and face the precarious world. If trees grew up in the sky, away from their actual and genuine habitat, the earth, then it could have given life to a variety even in the sky! Therefore, just try to relate these things with other 'impossible' activities and bring out the philosophy of life!!!!