future crime free india '

it is the wish of all the country's people to have a crime free society ...we indian to expect the same .. there a proverb in tamil all babies are good when they are born  ....its future act depends on its mother's rearing and growing......its reponsibility of mother of the present generation to make the future generation grow with a good attitude to live without performing crime ..however orphans and children neglected by the society becoming the main rebellions and the crime continues...the government also should do needful of orphans ,poor childen and make sure no one is neglected from society .. women sholud also learn safety measures and resisting acivities to protect them selves... technologies and punishments must be severe for the people commiting crime and continung even after it ..we should create a fear for the crime performers to think thousand times before they act 
doing the above mentioned steps can reduce crime upto some levels

hope it helps u