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Dr. B.R Ambedkar’s Views on Nationalism    

At the end of 18th century Indians were divided in to caste, sect and different religions. That was the hurdle for making a society. According to the Dr. BR. Ambedkar, Nationalism is the meaning of unity and faith. If a nation will be unite internally then it can lead to Nationalism. He highlighted that nationalism grows well if social brotherhood overcome in all society. He forced to fight against language, caste and class system. He emphasized that caste and class system is nothing just a part of a society. His views built a solid sense of unity and brotherhood. He observed Nationalism by the way of divine phenomenon as it is a love and affection to the one’s society. Equality is only a factor which can create love for society and lead to Nationalism. He fight against cruelty and duplicity, he was the supporter of caste, class and religious tolerance. He explained nationalism as it is not fit for a specific class or caste; it is national feelings if all nationals are satisfied with their nationality.