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Dr. BR Ambedkar and His Educational Philosophy

Dr. BR Ambedkar beard many problems due to system of discrimination. He believed that depressed class can only fight with the power of education, without education their values and esteem is not safe. His primary focus was equality education.

According to his philosophy, there should be two determinations of education. First, one should obtain it for improvement of society and second it should focus on One’s improvement. Education was the essential point in his debates and journals. He emphasized that providing of education should be balanced which help to differentiate cultures and truth. His educational philosophy enforced to the growth of an individual and his environment.

His last motto was Educate, Agitate and Organize. Educate: it develops the proper sense and trains a man to think and to do right things, Agitate: it’s a positive mental revolution rather than a negative physical revolution, Organize: Educated and agitated brains can organize aimed at a task easily.

He said,

“Higher education, in my opinion, means that education, which can enable you to occupy the strategically important places in State administration. Brahmins had to face a lot of opposition and obstacles, but they are overcoming these and progressing ahead.”