Concave mirrors: 

1. A concave mirror is used as a reflector in torches, search lights, head lights of motor vehicles etc. to get powerful parallel beam of light. 
2. A concave mirror is used as doctorss head mirrors to focus light on the body parts like eyes, ears, nose, throat etc., to be examined. 
3. A concave mirror is also used as a shaving mirror, as it can form erect and magnified image of the face.

Convex mirrors:

A convex mirror is used by drivers of automobile as a real view mirror.

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hey you answered it wrong he asked for mirror and you gave him examples of glasses as in torch,headlights and other things have curved glasses used in them.useless answer.
You mean concave.It is used to reflect light not in the same direction.see as if incident ray is of 45° then it must be same with reflected ray but this does not happen with CONCAVE mirror it reflects light in any direction,such mirrors are in circus to get funny faces.lenses used in spectacles are concave lenses.