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Today i am going to discuss about the topic Global Warming,
       Global Warming is one of the most danger which the modern world is facing. The gradual increase in the temperature of the earth is known as global warming. It is believed that Global warming can change the climate of the earth permanently. Global Warming is caused due to the emission from non- stop burning of fuels and destruction of the forests. The gases such as Carbon Dioxide and methane commonly known as  green house gas, which trap the heat and will not allow it to go. The emission of the green house gases from the factories are the main reason for the cause of Global Warming. teh Global warming is very dangerous that it increase the temperature and  makes the earth hotter. Due to this heat the ice will melt and cause flood in may places. Other effect is that the sea level will increase. The Global Warming is very dangerous for our world and it is our duty to protct our earth from the Global warming. so lets  make a better earth by clearing the global warming.
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