First make a city of houses and garden then divide it form middle than on left side show pollution and on right side without pollution (a beautiful city)

it will look very beautiful..

hope u can understand this nd do ur best..

pls mark as the best...

thank u.. 
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thanks but i wanna show keep city clean its looking like pollution
dont take my words rudely but its vry inp for me n i have check every site but i cant find out
but indirectly it means pollution only, i think so..
1) take a square shaped chart. 2) draw the margin and divide it into four equal parts. 3) in the first part, draw a person littering a paper on the road, at the side write INDIAN 1. 4) Similarly, draw the same picture write INDIAN 2 at the side. Make sure there are 2 papers on the road 5) in the third part, draw the same picture (change the characters) .write INDIAN 100 . Make sure the road is very dirty. 6) in the last part, draw a foreigner coming along that road.write HOW DIRTY INDIA IS in a cloud above his head. Write Foreigner 1 at the side of the box. 7) at bottom leave some space write jeep city clean.