Rabindra nath tagore was born on 6 may 1861 in a well-to-do family of thakurs of bengal. His mother died when he was quite young,so his father,DEVENDRANATH,had to look after him.
                   Rabindra Nath was averse to study at conventional schoolsfrom very beggining
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Rabindranath tagore  was a Bengali writer who won the Nobal prize for literature in 1913. he was born in 7 may  1861 in Calcutta his original name is Rabindranath Thakur. he was also a philosopher and an artist. he wrote many stories, novels and dramas, as well as composing music and many songs. his writing greatly influenced Bengali culture during 19th century and early 20th century. he wrote the first poem when he was only 18 year old tagore is only person to have written anthem of three states. an gan man in india ,amar sonar bangalfor Bangladesh and sri lanka  mantha for sri lanka he was death on 7 august1941