Five largest cities in india  ( more are there but u need five that's why i am wring this much only )



New Delhi


Hyderabad .

now about distance :-

 the distance between Bangalore to Hyderabad is 575 km .
the distance between mumbai to delhi is 1136 km
the distance between kolkata to hyderabad  is
1192 km

*** about population
* Current Population of Bangalore is 11,556,907 ,
* population of Hyderabad is 8.7 million.
Current Population of Kolkata is 5 million,
* Delhi population is 25 million,
* population of mumbai is
21 million ..

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You should have rather given Chennai. Good jop anyway

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The metropolitan cities of India - Chennai,Mumbai(Bombay),Delhi,Kolkata(Calcutta),Bangalore.

Their population
Chennai - 4 million(approx)
Mumbai-12 million(,,)
Delhi-10 million(,,)
Kolkata-4.5 million(,,)
Bangalore -4 million(,,)

Their distances  (air ways)
Chennai and Mumbai -1031 km
Chennai and Delhi-1760 km
Chennai and Kolkata-1357 km
Chennai and Bangalore -290 km

Mumbai and Delhi-1161km
Mumbai and Kolkata-1660km
Mumbai and Bangalore-841km

Delhi and Kolkata -
1306 km
Delhi and Bangalore - 1745 km

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