India can export fruits and vegetables to other countries. they can do partnership to other countries. they can help other countries
India - the land of youth. It is considered that our nation is having highest number of youth in the world. The contributions of the youth in the past have continuously contributed to the world of today in many fields. Since the breath of nation lies with in the hands of youth, we should totally be thankful to the whole youth generation of this world. India is still a developing world. That clearly means India is on her path to reach the intimate position- development. Development no only means the economic growth of the nation but also the rate at which that nation contribute her support for the world. Because one nation can't thrive without the co- existence of other countries. Only when each and every country in this world come to a mutual relation , we can call it as a developed world. The ignited mind of youth is the most powerful resource on this earth, under the earth and above the earth. So it is quite a matter of fact that India is having a great deposit of that resource with in herself . New ideas, dreams and systems arise in the mind of youth. It's not because youth is having some kind of powerful notion for that magic. It's only because of the fact that youth lacks something which everyone else in other generation have fot plenty and that is fear. The mind of youths are devoid of fear. Only a fearless mind can do revolutionary deeds. That's why we call youth an ultimate resource. Irfan alam - the entrepreneur who changed the lives of many with his single revolutionary idea of - sammann. He started and organization to empower the ricksha drivers. He shared this idea and also helped other countries to start up similar set up. Akanksha is an Indian educational institute started by shaheen Mistri for providing education for the underprivileged children. There are various such revolutionary groups started by youth for the betterment of our nation. When our country finds a new and effective method in the development of the society, we share them with other countries helping them to achieve a similar set up. When we share our ideas with others , we lose nothing , but might get a new one. So by the development of India, we actually also help other countries to achieve a lot. It's for this that our ministers visits other nations often. It's to maintain a healthy relation between them . Only then we will be able to share our ideas and deeds with them. Because development doesn't come from a single hand. It's the result of the sweat from thousand and lakhs of hands