This story is about two little boys who overcome all the hardships to help their ailing sister. The two boys; live in a village in Italy. Their widower father had been killed during early years of the War. Their village suffered due to German occupation. Their house was turned into rubble because of incessant bombings during the War. The boys were finally left with their only beloved sister. The sister was suffering from tuberculosis. It is important to remember that tuberculosis was an incurable disease during those days. The boys migrate to a nearby city and begin doing petty jobs. They work as shoeshine boys, as local guide and don many hats while trying to earn money. They are working hard so that they can save enough money for treatment of their sister. But the boys; particularly the elder one; have lot of self respect and they do not want help from anyone; just out of pity. The narrator of the story is a traveler who happens to visit the city. He is impressed by all the hard work done by the boys. At the end of his stay in the city; the narrator wants to help the boys in whatever way it could be possible. Thus, the boys are driven by him to their village. The narrator discovers the whole story about the boys from the nurse who is taking care of the ailing sister. The narrator is deeply touched by the story. But as a mark of respect to the boys’ unflinching courage; he does not show that he knows their plight.