I am here to speak on the topic 'Health".
Health as well as fitness is very important to a person. If he eats healthy food obviously he will be fit. Fruits, vegetables, 7-8 glasses of water should at least be taken by him/her to be fit. Other than these he must also do yoga and some exercises so that the blood circulates around his/her body. A person must do/eat healthy food in order to be fit. If he/she eats junk food then he/she will become obese and he/she will be unable to do physical work. This affects the mental work done by him/her.At last I would like to tell that even though a person is poor or
rich, the foremost thing he/she should have is good health

The World Health Day is celebrated by the people all across the world every year on 7th of April under the leadership of World Health Organization to draw the mass people attention towards the importance of global health. World Health Assembly was held first time in the year 1948 in Geneva by the WHO where it was decided to celebrate the World Health Day annually on 7th of April. It was first celebrated worldwide in the year 1950 as the World Health Day. Varieties of events related to the particular theme are organized on the international and national level by the WHO.

It is an annual event being celebrated for years to raise the common public awareness towards the health issues and concerns. A particular theme is chosen to run the celebration and take care of the health for whole year. Global Polio Eradication was also one of the special themes of the year 1995 of world health day. From then, most of the countries have become free of this fatal disease whereas in other parts of the world its awareness level has increased.