adult education is very important .adults must know the basic things of education is needed because it is an essential part of primary education.some people in their early age did not get chance to education because of some reasons but if they are old they can get education and discover their live in a new way.people who are not making effort for the success cant succeed in their lives .we can get education in any age .education helps us in many ways.such knowledge is necessary for every person living in a democratic is a important part of our means knowledge and it is very important for old times people do not send their girls to schools for education but now people want that there children should be educated.if we are not educated we have to depend on others but if we are educated we do not have to depend on others.educated person can differentiate between good or increase our knowledge 
The major source of evil in our country is illiteracy. It lies at the root of everything that hinders the progress of our country. Light of knowledge unites people to agitate for their demands. But illiteracy keeps people in darkness. They fail to unite and demand what they really want. It is not merely necessary to carry the torch of education to all the corners of the land, but also to people of all the ages. The main cause of the sufferings of the people is not at all their lot, but ignorance and illiteracy lead them to suffer so much.Indian Constitution lays down universal compulsory education as a directive principle of the state. But little has been done so far. The children of today no doubt have some chances of getting education – at least the torch of it. But the grown up adults never had the opportunity of feeling the light of knowledge and blindfolded they move about their orbit of life.The literacy ratio of any country is extremely important. A country with educated adult population is bound to achieve social, economic, technological and moral progress.
Education enables a per person to earn his living. An educated person is able to overcome his individual poverty. An educated individuals is capable of looking after himself and his family.Education leads to an increase in the overall standard of living. They follow good hygiene habits as well.
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