(iii) Underline the verbs and arrange them in two columns, Past and Earlier
"(a) My friends set out to see the caves in the next town, but I stayed at
home, because I had seen them already."
"(b) When they arrived at the station, their train had left. They came back
home, but by that time I had gone out to see a movie!"
(c) So they sat outside and ate the lunch I had packed for them.
(d) By the time I returned, they had fallen asleep!

NCERT Class 8th: Ch 1 The Best Christmas Present in the World Honeydew English




(a) set , stayed.
(b) arrived , came.
(c) sat, ate.
(d) returned.

earlier past

(a) had seen
(b) had gone
(c) had packed
(d) had fallen

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