1. He was the enemy of King. As king is responsible for the death of his brother and seizing of his property, he wanted to take revenge on king... 2. He came there with the intention of killing the king. When he left his place and came to king, king's bodyguard recognized him and wounded him. But king dressed up his wounds and look after him who actually wanted to take his life away. So, he asked for forgiveness of King.
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-The bearded man was the foe and an opposer,of the king.The king had seized the property of the bearded man's brother.And The king had also bought death to the man's brother.This anguished the Bearded man and had come to kill the King,He was an Avenger!!

-The stranger asked for the king's forgiveness because,He had a bad intention that was to kill the king,But fortunately he was wounded by the soldier of the king,But however The bearded man escaped and was ultimately saved by the king.The very reason,he asked mercy for.


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