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-Cheating with cell phones has become a huge issue in many schools.

-Cellphones are used to avoid emotional confrontation and real human contact-Kids sit  on the mobiles for long hours and play games in the name of studying.

-They easily get addicted to chatting on social networking sites which is posing a great problem to the developing young teens of the nation.

-Kids and Teens spend more time chatting with utter complete strangers on the net.Which might be dangerous sometimes.

-Frauds otherwise known as 420 :P Try to deceive kids and teens and Ask for phone numbers or photos and stuff.Thas bad.Never give em private details.

- Conversation around the dinner table tends to be rather limited when a teenager is in possession of a mobile phone.-Instead of intelligent answers to questions, all you are likely to get are a few grunts and the sight of a face peering intently at a small screen.

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