(ii) Fill in the blanks using the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

"My little sister is very naughty. When she________(come) back from school
yesterday, she had_______(tear) her dress. We________(ask) her how it
had____(happen).She______(say) she________(have,quarrel) with a boy.
She________(have, beat) him in a race and he _____(have, try) to push her.
She_______(have, tell) the teacher and so he_______(have, chase) her, and
she_________ ________(have, fall) down and______(have, tear) her dress."

NCERT Class 8th: Ch 1 The Best Christmas Present in the World Honeydew English



Came, teared, asked, happened, said, quarrel, beat, tried, told, chased, fall , teared, PLZ MARK AS A BRAINLIEST. I NEEDED PLZ MARK
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My little sister is very naughty. when she " came " back from school yesterday, she had " torn " her dress.  " we asked " her how it had " happened ". she " said " she " had a quarrel " with a boy. she " had bet " him in a race and he " tried " to push her. she " had told " the teacher and so he " had chased " her and she " had fallen " down and " had torn " her dress.