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If one angle is a right angle then it is proved by python as theorem. That is square of hypotenuse is equal to sum of the squares of the other two sides , PLZ MARK AS A BRAINLIEST. I NEEDED PLZ MARK AS A BRAINLIEST.
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This can be proved by phythagores theorem.
First let us draw a perpendicular BD from B to AC.
we get three right angled triangles : ABC, BCD, and ADB
 \frac{AB}{AD} =  \frac{AC}{AB} ,  \frac{AC}{BC} = \frac{BC}{CD}

AB² = AC·AD , BC² = AC·CD
Adding both,
AB² + BC² = AC·AD + AC·CD
AB² + BC² = AC ( AD + CD )
Since AD+CD=AC
AB² + BC² = AC(AC)
AB² + BC² = AC²
Hence proved