In the morning,i'm ready for tie up my brother rakhi.i'll take a plate,in it.....i'll take some sweets,teeka,rice.and in return   he'll give me a gift.
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10th August                                                       7:00 am
Today morning I woke and groaned when I realized it was not a holiday. I would still have to got to school even though it was Raksha Bandhan. Suddenly my little brother came running to me. He seemed very excited about something.
'Look!' he cried 'Julie didi has given me a rakhi,' I smiled and bought the special rakhi I had got for him. He looked at it jumped with joy. 'Thank you so much!!!!!' he said. My father then told him to give me an envelope. I thanked my brother and went to school.
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Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease mark as best! I wrote this myself.