Social Studies Application: Remembering that 1AD came immediately after 1BC, while solving these problems take 1BC as –1 and 1AD as +1.
(a) The Greeco-Roman era, when Greece and Rome ruled Egypt started in the year 330 BC and ended in the year 395 AD. How long did this era last?
(b) Bhaskaracharya was born in the year 1114 AD and died in the year 1185 AD. What was his age when he died?
(c) Turks ruled Egypt in the year 1517 AD and Queen Nefertis ruled Egypt about 2900 years before the Turks ruled. In what year did she rule?
(d) Greek mathematician Archimedes lived between 287 BC and 212 BC and Aristotle lived between 380 BC and 322 BC. Who lived during an earlier period?



(a) The era lasted for 330 - (-395) = 330 + 395 = 725 years.

(b)Bhaskaracharya's age when he died was 1185 -  1114 =  71 years.

(c)Queen Nefertis ruled Egypt in the year 1517 - 2900 = -1383 = 1383 BC

(d)Aristotle lived earlier as 380 BC comes before 287 BC
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