I Witnessed a Horrible AccidentIt Was A Fatal Car Crash...

I was driving home after spending the weekend with my parents.  They wanted some time with their grandbabies.  The kids were sleeping.  I was listening to music.  It was around 11 am.

I saw a small truck run a stop sign and get T-boned by a full sized SUV (probably as big as a ******).  The small truck was not going very fast, maybe 15-20 MPR.  The SUV had the right of way and was probably traveling between 60-70 miles an hour.  There was nothing left of the front of the SUV.  (I dont know if this person lived.)  The truck was flipped in the air then exploded.  The entire truck cabin was engulfed with flames instantaneously. 

No one could pull the man out of his truck.  I didn't hear any screaming but you could see his outline within the flames.  I will never forget the smell.  I also dont remember hearing any break screetches but there are still tire marks left on the road where the SUV tried to stop.

I was in shock.  I pulled over.  I didnt know what to do.  I called 911 but they said some else had already reported the accident and help was on the way.  Traffic was getting back up and this is a pretty dangerous road, so I left.  There were a TON of people stopping to help and I didn't want to get in the way.  I only got a few mile down the road before I had to pull over again because I was overwhelmed with sobbing.  I was hysterical.  I couldn't get that smell out of my car or my nose.  It made me vomit.  I called my husband and told him what happened.  He was really sensitive and he meet me at home were I got sick again.  He couldn't smell anything; but I swear it was all around me.  It was horrible.  I just could not stop getting sick.

He rubbed my back and gave me some ginger ale.  We talked.  He was comforting. 

I couldn't bring myself to drive after that for a while but I eventually got over it.  I have never seen anything like that in person.

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I had recently moved into a new house that my family and I thought might work more than our old house, I had always liked paranormal things so I got a ghost hunting app on my IPod. I didn't know at the time that having it might bring some unwanted attention.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and I was messing around with the EVP part of the app and was talking with my dad about how the EVP could pick up anything at any given location when it said "Location". At the time I thought it was just a coincidence that it said that but I was wrong.

After watching a few YouTube videos during the night I decided that I should go to bed around 12 PM. I leave my door open and have 2 cats so before I went to sleep both cats jumped onto my bed so the things that went on downstairs couldn't have been them.

I had finally gotten asleep at 1 in the morning but woke up when a loud bang and some clatters went on downstairs. The cats were still on my bed asleep so I knew it wasn't them. After a while of thinking it was just something falling off a counter it sounded like someone was dragging a dead body to hide it in the house. At that moment I got a bit scared, a normal person might have got out of bed and investigated but I just stayed in my bed and watched the door. The dragging sound went on and then it sounded like someone was throwing pans around the room like they were angry. The thing is the EVP also said they died when a romantic night went horribly wrong.

It was the husband that had died, and that had a fight so the noises now make sense to me, the dragging the clattering.

I haven't heard those noises ever since but, when I recorded in my room it sounded like someone was walking to my room than breathing right in my face I know it wasn't me because when I tried it again by breathing heavily the recorder didn't pick up my breathing, right now I feel like someone is watching me type this story. I don't know what to do now and I feel like if I try recording again it will only worsen the things that have been going on.

Right now I am still staying at my house near Denver (I'm not going to tell exactly where I live) and I always feel an angry presence when I go in my bedroom. So I would love advice on what I should do about the house.

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