1.When the ship Gulliver is traveling on is destroyed in a storm, Gulliver ends up on the island of Lilliput, where he awakes to find that he has been captured by Lilliputians of short height.
One day, on the beach, as Gulliver looks longingly at the sea from his box (portable room), he is snatched up by an eagle and eventually dropped into the sea. A passing ship spots the floating chest and rescues Gulliver, eventually returning him to England and his family.
Gulliver is on a ship bound for the Levant. After arriving, Gulliver is assigned captain of a sloop to visit nearby islands and establish trade. On this trip, pirates attack the sloop and place Gulliver in a small boat to fend for himself.
While drifting at sea, Gulliver discovers a Flying Island. While on the Flying Island, called Laputa.
Gulliver meets several inhabitants, including the King. All are preoccupied with things associated with mathematics and music.
Gulliver hires several replacement sailors in Barbados. These replacements turn out to be pirates who convince the other crew members to mutiny. 
7.he is discoverd by a herd called yahoos.
They attack him by climbing trees and defecating on him. He is saved from this disgrace by the appearance of a horse, identified, he later learns, by the name Houyhnhnm.
9.gulliver and his master grey discuss about yahoos.
Gulliver agrees to return to his family in England.

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