E correct identification is: (a) Pteridophyta (b) o perform an experiment to verify the Law of Conservation of mass in a chemical ophyta (b) Bryophyta fungi (d) algae 1 29 Ravi wants to perform an reaction. To get best resu Quio get best result which pair of reactants should he select? ck lime and water o heat ferrous sulphate crystals agnesiurm ribbon and copper sulphate solution 30 In a chopper sulphate solution and sodium carbonate solution chemical reaction between sodium sulphate and barium chloride, the colour of 1 theprecipit cipitate of barium sulphate formed is : pre Pink (b) White (c) Orange (d) Yellow 31 in monoco nocotyledonous plants flowers have petals that are (a) four in number (b) five in number (c) two in number (d) three or multiples of three in number teacher asked Reema to study the external features of roots leaves and flowers of 1 32 Sc ience teac monocot and dicot plan dicot plants, Reema observed the plants and recorded her conclusions as follows A) Monocot root is fibrous and dicot root is a tap-root. monocot leaf shows parallel venation where as dicot leaf shows reticulate venation. A (C) Amonocot fl ower is pentamerous bart dicot flower is trimerous (D) in seeds of monocotyledonous plant one cotyledon and in dicotyledonous plant two cotyledons are present. which are of Her conclusions would have been marked incorrect by her teacher ? 3 A like animal during student is observing the life cycle of a mosquito. He observes the worm like animal during which stage of life cycle ? (b) pupa adult (d) larva ーーーーr RoiceedZ-ー /\ t ( m e d so ub a) b) c) d) a) (a (a



28) a
29) d
30) b
31) d
32) c
33 d
1 5 1
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