Green revolution which was brought to india in 1960 specially in Punjab , Haryana and Uttar pradesh. As we all know green revolution increased the yield as before green revolution the yield was 150 quintiles and after it the yield become 350 quintiles. As green revolution consists of HYV seeds , Chemical fertilisers and many more. As due to this things their have been now a very bad impact on fields of india. As this all modern techniques require a very large quantities of water and due to this their have been many decrease in groundwater of India. And if we will use chemical fertilisers the fields will sustain their fertility as this fertilisers not only kills bacteria that are harmful for field but also kills bacteria which are very useful for field lime rhizobium due to which fields sustain fertility. As we will use this chemicals many times on the same field it will require more and more chemicals which will be not very bad for not only fields but also it will cost very much money which will be not very good for a poor farmer. I think this points are necessary for you .Thanks