Pressure is force per unit area applied in a direction perpendicular to the surface of an object. Gauge pressure is the pressure relative to the local atmospheric or ambient pressure.....
a force is any influence which tends to change the motion of an object. In other words, a force can cause an object with mass to change its velocity, 
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Force is an influence that tends to change the motion (velocity) of an object. It is equal to the mass of the body and the (acceleration) time rate of change of velocity. This is given by Newton's Laws.
Force is a vector. The component of  a force F in a direction at an angle Ф to F is = F cos Ф.

Pressure is the force exerted per unit surface area. It is a scalar quantity, while force and surface area are treated as vectors. Pressure does not follow vector addition principle.  At a point inside a liquid, the pressure is same in all directions. So there is no specific direction for pressure.