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a = 65° (Vertically opp. Angles)

b = 65° (Alternate angle to a)

c = 115° (Corresponding angle to the corresponding angle which is marked as 115°)

c + e = 180°
115° + e = 180°
e = 65°

d = 65° (Alternate angle to e)
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∠A=65°(Vertically opposite angle)
∠F=180-115(straight angle)
∠F=∠D=65°(opp angles of a parallelogram are equal)
∠F=∠E=65°(alternate angle of ║gm)
∠E=∠C=65°(alternate interior angle of ║gm)
∠F+∠G+∠A=180°(sum of interior angle of Δ)
∠G+∠B+∠E=180°(straight angle)