Revolutionary terror refers to the institutionalized application of force to counter revolutionaries, particularly during the French Revolution from the years 1793 to 1795. it is a type of terrorism which is also called as reign of terror and also communist terrorism,this terrorism is to make a change in the society by the angry people and the people who hate the society and are aganist the society this type of terrorism is done by those people who hate the society and what to change the people 's though and mindset. Hope I helped u.. Plzz mark as the BRAINLIEST answer..
The common definition of terrorism is the systematic use or threatened, use of violence to ultimate the population of government and there by effect political, religious, ideology change.
motives of terrorism : 
1. The motivation of terrorist are quiet various depending on what they hope to accomplish. 
2. The majority of motives can be broken down into the three broad areas rational psychological and cultural events.
3. Although some motives are difficult for the majority of the world to comprehend given a motive a terrorist group.