-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                              Dr. B. R Ambedkar 
                        A person who fought for everything,

                        Including the normal right of humans 
                        A victim of discrimination,
                        But never went under frustration. 
                       The way to solve problems, 
                       And the way to fight back,
                       For the usual human rights,
                       Even for the righteousness.
                       As the river flows to the sea,
                      Even the solutions lead to problem solving for ever. 
                      His mirth was required, 
                      And there he was to help out others like him. 
                      But yet we know Ambedkar's soul was yearning.
                      He knew that the tear's of joy were on their way, 
                      But yet problems were on the heads of all. 
                      This discrimination should be stopped
                      The struggle and the contend came to end, 
                      When the new constitution of independent India,
                      Came into a run the discrimination was all vanished. 
                      The greatest of greatest Dr. B. R. Ambedkar 
                       Hope so your soul is resting in peace. 
                       Dr. B. R. Ambedkar ammar rahey. 
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Babasaheb: A Selfless Servant of the Nation

You wanted to unite a fragmented nation,

a place ravaged by wrath, hate, and discrimination

but it is only from the ashes that a nation can be born

so you tear down the system once and for all.

You wanted progress to be inclusive to the whole country

so you served them in different sectors wholeheartedly

and when other leaders tried to lure them in jeopardy,

you defended them and reminded them of their dignity.

You, Babasaheb, is a true hero of the nation,

a selfless public servant, a good person, an inspiration.