Dr. B. R. Ambedkar 

We all were scattered only because of the caste and religious system, 
The discrimination faced, the struggle we went under is really painful,
But the love towards our nation never died and we tried to be in unity 
The life of yours Dr. B. R. Ambedkar is really inspiring us a lot, 
We youngsters learned too many inspiring things from you, 
Your urge towards our the constitution of our country is really strong, 
The compulsion and the determination towards the goal 
That is the great constitution of india is really a great success of all time.
Your life is really inspiring us the youngsters a lot because of many reason,
Dr. B. R. Amdedkar ammar rahey. 
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thanks for the great help fluffy :)
glad to hear that (:

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Babasaheb: An Inspiration to the Nation

Not words, not arms 

stopped you to achieve your aspirations

for India, our country, that was then plagued

by scorn brought about by discrimination.

No man, no harm

has ever made you softer.

You fought and persevered for the people

who look up to you as their saviour, their leader.

No way we will ever forget 

how you selflessly served the nation

so never will we cease love it like you did

and we will teach this act to the next generation.

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