From : 
street no. 1-4, 
Vijay colony 

To :
Mumbai times,
street number 45-2, 
building number 7,
Ram nagar,

Respected sir, 
subject : problems faced by the people due to cost of inflation. 
                       Sir in response to the dejection and the desolation of the people who are facing too many problems due to the cost of inflation and all the problems even by the poor people because they are now only using all the earnings for only buying their usual commodities and all other vegetables and even now a days the petrol and diesel are also on the process of cost of inflation. they all are facing too many problems but yet the government does not try to cope up with the cost of inflation to reduce it to at least 15%. This is really a sorrowful situation. 
                         I'm looking forward that this will letter will come to the notice of the government and try to cope up with all of us.
                                     Thanking you sir 
                                                                                   your's faithfully