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It would be better if u use plastic, waste materials like waste CDs , bangles, newspapers etc that u find in ur home .
so that, it would be friendly to environment. you can
1) plant plants in water bottles .paint and decorate ,as u want. tip
2) make wll hangings with CDs
3) penstands with bangles. tip: stick one above one
4) make paper bags,paper flowers.
tip: soak   bits ofnewspapers for 2 days. drain the water. make a dough with the newspaper and mix it with fevicol. mould as u want.
5) make photoframes with ice cream sticks.
6) use quilling papers
7) teddy bear with sponge
8) use loom bands to make braces
9) use woolen to make bands, flowers etc whatever u want
10) use old pieces of clothes to make dresses for dolls.

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