Diary Entry

Monday 29th January 20xx                                  2:40 pm

Do you remember I told you that some of my relatives will come to visit me today? Well they arrived and guess who were they? My big cousin brothers Aditya bhaiya and Vatsal bhaiya ! What a fun it was playing with them, talking about our school and friends! Do you know, that once, when I was in first class, Aditya bhaiya came to my house with his brother. We played Snakes & Ladders that day. He won every single match on that day and beat me and Vatsal bhaiya from 12-0. I was so angry that I lost my temper and started beating him with my tiny fists. He started laughing at my outburst and I was very sad that day. In the evening, I challenged him to an another match of Snakes & Ladders. He accepted it readily and I sat down with Vatsal bhaiya as a team, with the determination to win this match. He lost that match deliberately (which I didn't know about till today, when he confessed it to me) in order to make me feel a little happy. I stood up with a satisfied look on my face after my "win". Now, when I look back into my memories, I laugh at myself. Though my big cousin brothers are only four years older than me, they are still my role models.

Yours,                                                                                                       Lucia

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Life has given me and my two brothers (Nicola and Jocopo) a range of sweet and sour experiences. In the early childhood though we didn't know the love of a mother, three of us basked in the warmth of papa's love and affection. How lovely those days were!

Alas, those happy days did not last for long! Our dad lost his life in the war and so shattered our world. Today I am here in hospital undergoing treatment for tuberculosis. Nicola and Jocopo are working very hard to pay for my treatment. It's too much for all of us to bear. But I feel I am very blessed to have such loving, caring and responsible young brothers. They both are small boys but are very mature in their behavior.
Nicola and Jocopo are my true heroes, my two little gentlemen. I wonder where I would be without them! Thank you ma and pa for the values of love, care and self sacrifice you gave us.

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