we can make our country feel proud by doing something good to our country like keeping our surroundings clean, raising our voices at wrong things and not doing any bad work

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Thinking about our country is a very good thought.... For a person his priorities should be as follows----- (1) COUNTRY.....(2) Parents....(3) Teachers.....(4) Themselves..... U can do a kit of things for your country...... Like--- Don't let your childhood go in vain.... Study hard so that in future you'll get a good job as you'll be then productive for the country..... There are some students who are not good at studies but are best in some other fields..... So try to enhance that area of yours, so that in the future you can represent your country worldwide........ Try to throw out stereotype thinking of some people..... Try to follow government laws and rules..... Respect others specially females....... Don't get corrupted...... Keep a good care of your surrounding as sanitation is must..... First of all think for your country then for anyone else..... Taking major steps only can make our country the best.... So love your country and make it feel proud all over the world...
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