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If we take N=11002 (1210) and D=1002 (410) Step 1: Set R=0 and Q=0 Step 2: Take i=3 (one less than the number of bits in N) Step 3: R=00 (left shifted by 1) Step 4: R=01 (setting R(0) to N(i)) Step 5: R=D, statement entered Step 5b: R=10 (R-D) Step 5c: Q=10 (setting Q(i) to 1) Step 2: Set i=0 Step 3: R=100 Step 4: R=100 Step 5: R>=D, statement entered Step 5b: R=0 (R-D) Step 5c: Q=11 (setting Q(i) to 1) end Q=112 (310) and R=0.
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