Hitler:-It has always been be a waste of time talking to you.Mr.Gandhi. Gandhi:- Not for me. Hitler:- They got is nowhere. Gandhi:- (Looking up from charkha) I know. Hitler:- It is rude that you should be spinning as we talk. Gandhi:- I will stop. Hitler:- Thanks, that was a big "disturbance" Gandhi:- My dear friend,that is exactly what you are causing to the whole of the world right now! Hitler:- What......? Disturbance ?Look gandhi,why don't you just understand that if you want to control the whole world,Destruction is the only choice.Destroy every one in your own way,no matter what,no matter who. Gandhi:- But what will happen to all those innocent men,women and children who have been sacrificing their lives for the power that you want. Hitler:- a you mean....the Jews? All the evil comes from those beast's! According to me,even their blood is impure.